TEKIO is an independent type foundry making high-quality retail & custom typefaces. We offer licenses for our fonts as well as tailored projects for brands and organizations. Founded in 2021 in Warsaw by Jan Estrada-Osmycki, graphic and type designer with a background in music and visual arts, TEKIO is a home for creations focused around typography, sound, and vision.

Simple, all-in-one licenses

We know licenses cause headaches; we’ve been there. And we do our best to simplify our licensing system so you do not have to worry about hidden costs or the risk of infringement. There is only one license type, and our fonts come in all formats for use in print, web, and apps. The price of the license depends on the size of the organization (number of employees) that will use our fonts in its communication or products. That means there is no need to purchase a second license for the design studio or freelance graphic designer.

End User License Agreement


The Font Software is the exclusive proprietary asset of Tekio. Its structure, organization, and code constitute valuable trade secrets of Tekio. All intellectual property rights related to the Font Software are retained by Tekio, and no transfer of ownership takes place under this EULA. Except for the rights explicitly granted herein, all other rights are reserved by Tekio.


Tekio grants you a limited and non-exclusive license to install and use the font software within your organization. You are expressly prohibited from sublicensing, selling, lending, or leasing the font software. However, you may transmit a copy of the font software to a printer or service provider for final output, provided that they destroy any copies upon completion of the work and are duly informed of the terms of this EULA. Additionally, you may not convert, modify, or rename the original font software, open it in an editing software to reveal its structure, or use it to create derivative products or designs.


The Standard/Multi-User License allows the License to use the Font Software in the following fields of exploitation: creating projects for print and web, designing websites and applications, using them in ebooks. The purchase of a license is required by the organization that will use the font in its communication or will create works or products containing this font. The license cost is calculated for five organization size ranges: 1, up to 5, up to 10, up to 50, and up to 100 employees. The Licensee is required to confirm the number of people employed in the organization at the time of purchase. The Licensee is allowed to install Font Software on an unlimited number of devices in the organization. If you want to use the font in broadcasting, a product with a circulation exceeding 100,000, or if the licensing organization has more than 100 employees, please contact us at:


Tekio provides OpenType/CFF (.otf) desktop font formats, along with other specified file formats. Tekio ensures the validity, installability, and printability of the font software downloaded from its website. However, compatibility and support for OpenType fonts and features may vary depending on systems, software versions, or browsers.


Tekio allows the purchase of font software on behalf of a client under certain conditions, including acceptance of the EULA and provision of the original invoice. The font software may be provided to printers and web developers for specific projects within defined time periods, subject to restrictions on use and distribution outlined in the agreement. Freelance designers creating projects for clients use fonts under the license acquired by or for the client.


End-users are granted the right to embed fonts in various digital projects, subject to certain conditions, including possession of a license and restrictions on embedding for creating new documents or designs. Tekio may introduce additional authorized embedding in the future, with specific guidelines provided for different types of digital projects.


Tekio warrants that the font software will perform according to published specifications and may be exchanged if defective within 14 days from purchase. However, Tekio shall not be liable for consequential, incidental, or special damages, nor for claims by third parties.


Designers may utilize Tekio's Free Trial Files for testing purposes only, subject to restrictions on embedding and usage for commercial projects. A license is required once materials are created for a client using the trial fonts. Exceptions are made for students, permitting non-commercial use for academic projects.


This Agreement is applicable worldwide and remains in effect indefinitely, terminating automatically upon failure to comply with its terms. Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Polish law. Tekio reserves the right to update the EULA without prior notice, and users are advised to review it regularly.